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"Partis Veritas, which is Latin for “Share Truth” is non-fictional depiction of real stories from people who desire to be released from any issues or negative behaviors from their past.  The theory behind ‘Partis Veritas’ was created after examining several current events that have grabbed the attention of the world. These stories have demonstrated how many people may be in bondage or under an abundance of stress that could be attributed to secrets they are holding from unresolved issues or unspoken apologies. Those secrets may involve lies that were told and never corrected; thus the idea behind this movement was developed. The purpose of this forum is to assist others who may have similar stories that need to become birthed to the surface for a healthy release from internal mental confinement.

Welcome to Partis Veritas - The 'Share Truth' Movement

Entry Submission Winners will be announced on our Facebook page on April 7th.  Just go to and like our page and see if your entry has been selected.

Did you know that...

Being truthful about people or situations promote positive nerve receptors that produce opioids. Opioids imitate “feel good” sensors that help us to feel happy. When these triggers are suppressed, we tend to feel sad, anxious, depressed or agitated about specific events that enter our thoughts. Stress is a secondary contributor to this process. The ultimate result is a declination of our health despite our physical size or other aspects of contributory health conditions.

Partis Veritas or “Share Truth” intends to promote awareness for a much-needed issue. The change will help improve relationships and increase positive receptors that can aid the body to naturally heal itself. This book is not about revealing personal secrets for the purpose of public pleasure or entertainment. Partis Veritas is about releasing pressure and burdens that the stigma of keeping secrets can hold. We first seek to inspire TRUTH! If it later becomes entertainment------so be it! Click the email submission link to send your story!

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